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I've always been fascinated with nature and love to explore. I am also an artist at heart and love getting creative. I took my love of these two things and started making amazing jewelry.
My pieces are inspired by nature, animals, and beautiful stones that have moved my soul. Each piece is created with passion and I hope moves you in some way.

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    "Elizabeth's quality and workmanship is impecable! She hand-picks each stone for quality and the silver work is stunning. The unique designs make her a stand out artist and I've recived so many compliments wearing her pieces. Her prices are resonable and I can't wait until she goes viral" - Jenn

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    "I can't describe how above expectations the custom necklace I got from Nature Moon Design is. The care and love put into it is clear and I have to imagine that each piece has just as much love put into it, whether it's a custom piece or not." - Rosie C.

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    When we first saw Liz's jewelry, charismatically unique comes to mind. I love the pieces we found for ourselves and we have returned a few times for custom necklaces for our relitives in Denmark. I love that they are hand made in Nevada and one of a kind.She is truely an artist and we love her jewelry. Bonus, if you break it she will also fix it for you" - Kres and Karis

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About the Artist

I grew up in a small town called Pacific Grove, CA where I lived just 2 minutes from the ocean. At a young age I relized I had a passion for the outdoors and loved to explore. I spent any chance I got hiking through Big Sur or up in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I moved to Nevada in 2017 and immediately fell in love. The Sierra Nevada Mountain range is breathtaking and living so close to Lake Tahoe is magical. I became an avid hiker, paddle boarder, and camp as much as I can.

After years of working a full time job soldering parts for the military and having my youngest daughter, I decided something needed to change.

I wanted to do more of the things I love and work towards having financial freedom.

I took my knowledge of soldering and my love of art and became a self-taught silversmith. So far it has been a bumpy road, but the love and support I have recieved has been amazing.

My pieces are inspired by nature, animals, and anything that has moved my soul. I hope you enjoy looking at what I've created and hope something moves you as well.

Thank you so much for visiting my page.